We're continuing the support this festive season. Which is why, for every order made from Up To 31st December 30% of your order total* donated to a charity of you choice from the 6 listed.

You will receive a link to a form to vote where for us to donate your 30% in your order confirmation.

You can choose any number of charities you’d like your 30% to be split between.

If you decide not to vote, your 30% will be split equally between the 3 charities in or closest to your region**

*Order total will not include any Taxes or Shipping costs

**If you do not live in the UK or USA, and do not vote the closes region will be based on distance, such that North America (including Canada) will donate to USA charities, and European countries will donate to UK charities unless chosen otherwise.

Who we are supporting
We’ve chosen 3 charities in the UK and 3 in the USA, that each focus on supporting a key area of mental health, and mental health related problems.
These 3 focus areas are:
  • Tackling depression and anxiety
  • Suicide prevention
  • Support for those with eating disorders
Each charity is listed below and linked to more information.



Mind Mental Health America
samaritans AFSP
Beat RMI